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How can I distill such a wide array of services into a short video?

We distill complex value propositions


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Videos that explain complex technologies


How can I sort out the messaging with so many stakeholders?

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I know we need a video, but how can I make it when we’re still refining our messaging

Agile production process


How can I target different members of a buying committee?

Videos for the buying committee


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How do 2-Minute Explainer videos work?

The 2-Minute Explainer is, by far, the most important piece of marketing collateral we have. The 2-Minute Explainer is especially important for our prospects when they are trying to explain what we do to other people inside their company.


20% of visitors to our web site view the 2-Minute Explainer. It continues to be referenced by our customers and prospects who say things like ‘I came to your web site and saw your 2-min explainer and picked up the phone halfway through.’

Director, Product Marketing

We took it to a trade show and it stopped traffic. It’s eye catching, compelling, and easy to understand. It’s the best single piece of marketing material we have.

Director of Marketing

Gives us a powerful and consistent sales message that accurately and succinctly conveys the benefits. Plus, the professional look and feel of the 2-minute demo really sets us apart from our competitors.

Director of Technology

The 2-Minute Explainer is our preferred introduction for people who are new to BPM. As soon as people see it, they understand how business process management adds value to their organization.

Marketing Manager

When I showed them the prototype, our salespeople stood up and cheered!-Director of Marketing

Product Manager

For pennies per prospect, the 2-Minute Explainer is our best sales person working 24/7 to get our message across to thousands of people all over the world.


2-Minute Explainer Blog

2-Minute Explainer Blog

Video for Technology Sales and Marketing

"Delightfully nerdy" is a great explainer storytelling style for tech buyers.

Technology buyers who are looking into a solution value insight on the buyer’s journey. That’s something video can deliver faster than any other medium. That’s why I’ve been advocating getting down in the weeds with a “delightfully nerdy” style of explainer storytelling — most recently here and here. Typical messaging about superior product features and benefits seldom... Read more »

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Author: Bruce McKenzie
Posted: September 28, 2016, 5:48 pm
The delightfully nerdy style works

In the twelve years we’ve been making high-tech marketing videos, we’ve occasionally mediated disputes between marketers and product managers over the question of what makes a video “too technical.” We like featuring as many technology differentiators as possible — probably not more than three or four in a short video — because we believe that buyers are... Read more »

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The introduction of Apple's iOS 10 platform will affect the future of tech marketing videos in ways that are hard to predict -- but that we should start to figure out how to anticipate now.

Perhaps the most powerful driver of “digital transformation” has been the smart phone. And perhaps the most notable “transformation” as been the rise of video as a tool for discussion and social interaction. In a wide-ranging report, The Future of Video, Feng Li of London’s Cass Business School, writes that “video is not simply an... Read more »

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Posted: September 13, 2016, 8:29 pm
Professionals with experience in creating tech solution marketing videos will employ an agile production process to deliver your video on time.

With so many DIY video tools and cheap production options for “explainer” or other type of tech solution marketing video, it’s reasonable to question the $5,000–$15,000 cost of a professional production studio. Here’s how professional specialists earn their fees. Viewer-friendly tech solution marketing video You’re involved in sales and marketing. That makes you an advocate... Read more »

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Man viewing I.T. marketing video with VR headset (maybe)

I’ve always thought of making IT marketing videos as a semi-journalistic exercise — there’s no pretense as to objectivity, but the video certainly ought to communicate something true and worth knowing about. I recently attended a panel discussion at the New York Times on the future of virtual reality in traditional journalism. The Times preemptively grabbed the leadership... Read more »

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Posted: August 26, 2016, 7:43 pm
Enthusiasm comes across in any video, but it's not often on view in technology marketing videos. You can make it work for you.

What made Candace Payne’s Chewbacca Mom video so irresistible was sharing her enthusiasm. Shared enthusiasm obviously plays a big role in day-to-day buying decisions, too. Consumer marketing gets a big boost from customer video reviews, “influencer” tweets, tutorials on enthusiast websites, etc. B2B subject matter expert videos can share enthusiasm, too. Why don’t we see a lot of... Read more »

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Author: Bruce McKenzie
Posted: August 18, 2016, 7:31 pm
All it takes is some imagination to start generating a library of technology solution videos buyers will value.

In a previous post, I suggested some ways to generate technology solution videos that feel like the kind of everyday video we’re accustomed to seeing in social media. And as unlike TV commercials as we can make it, because buyers who are researching a solution want to be informed, not sold to. Here are a few... Read more »

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Author: Bruce McKenzie
Posted: August 12, 2016, 6:30 pm
Video content for tech buyers should recognize that most don't want to be marketed to. They are looking for ideas.

Most video content for tech buyers seems to ignore the fact that regular people spend more than 100,000,000 hours every day watching video on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has said he expects that Facebook will soon be 100% video. In other words, video is a medium used for everyday social communication. That makes sense — it’s just another thing... Read more »

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Posted: July 27, 2016, 7:20 pm
Make watchable technology videos that encourage buyers to keep watching.

Tech buyers don’t want to be marketed to. But they do appreciate the speed and accessibility of information delivered in watchable technology videos. Here are five ways to make your marketing videos more watchable. Turn off the sound According to the ad tech company Unruly, videos that work with the sound off are among the... Read more »

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Don't be a video content marketing underachiever. It pays to surround 2-Minute Explainer videos with additional video content

Video content marketing is about providing viewers with many opportunities to engage with your company through its videos. Here are some signs you may be missing out on some opportunities. 1. You think you just need a video. Maybe you’re introducing a new product. You want a video that gets people excited, right? But if... Read more »

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